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Dealer Opportunities

Dealer Opportunities

The present retail fuel business is becoming more volatile each year. To thrive in this uncertain environment you need a fuel supplier who’s main purpose is to keep your tanks filled with the lowest priced fuel. Sturdy Oil Company has the ability to help you keep not only your tanks full but at an average price that will prove beneficial financially in a market where one day to the next you can see ¾ of your margin disappear due to price volatility. If your preference is to stay with your existing image, create your own Brand or you need Sturdy Oil to help you develop a new image, Sturdy Oil will be able to help. By using our years of experience and strong relationships with vendors we can work with you to create a new and vibrant image for your site as well as providing Unbranded fuel from any of 13 suppliers in the Bay area.

Branded Opportunities

Sturdy Oil also has Branded opportunities through the Valero Flag. Our Branded program offers the Valero Brand’s image and security at a competitive price. Sturdy Oil has the ability to purchase fuel directly from Valero which allows the flexibility to take advantage of an up or down market. Phillips and Shell opportunites can be provided as well.

The Choice is Yours

Whether you choose our Branded program or you want an Unbranded image, you can be assured that Sturdy Oil will be buying fuel at the most advantageous price to help you stay competitive with your competition.

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